Tender - 2023

UCO Bank, Singapore Branch located at No. 3 Raffles Place, Bharat Building Singapore 048617 and having its Head Office at Kolkata, India, requires an external assessment to be conducted on its SWIFT Customer Security Programme(CSP) of its Singapore Branch.

The Scope for the Assessment: -

  • Examine the Bank’s policies, procedures and documentation related to SWIF CSP compliance.
  • Review incident response plans, risk assessments and security-related documents.
  • Conduct interviews with key personnel who are involved in SWIFT operations and security.
  • Review the processes, controls and security measures in place including logs, reports and other relevant data.
  • Review the penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the SWIFT environment.
  • Evaluate the bank’s compliance with both mandatory and advisory SWIFT CSP controls, including user authentication, incident response and risk management.
  • Test the Bank’s incident response plan to assess its effectiveness in responding to security incidents related to SWIFT transactions
  • Evaluate the Bank’s risk management practices, including risk identification, assessment and mitigation as they pertain to SWIFT CSP
  • Prepare a detailed assessment report that outlines the findings of the assessment. This report should include
    • Identified areas of compliance and non-compliance with SWIFT CSP controls.
    • Recommendations for remediation and improving security.

The external assessor should be experienced in conducting SWIFT CSP assessments and holds at least one industry-relevant professional certification, for example. the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) certification.

Your proposal may be submitted by post or email to:

By Mail :

Chief Manager,
General Administration Department
3, Raffles Place #02-01,
Bharat Building
Singapore 048617.

By Email :


Kindly submit your proposal not later than 26th October 2023