Credit Facilities

We extend various credit facilities to cater the need-based requirement of the business entities at very competitive rate:

  1. Trade Finance Facility

    • Import Finance – By way of Letter of Credit, Trust Receipt, Invoice Financing etc.,
    • Export Finance – By way of discounting of export bills etc.,
  2. Term Loan

    depending upon the requirement of the customers repayable over a period of time in monthly / quarterly / half yearly instalments.
  3. Project Finance

    for implementation of various projects.
  4. Overdraft facilities

    to meet the day-to-day requirements.
  5. Syndication Loan

    participates in Syndication Loan raised by various corporate.

    Against LC’s of Major Bank after acceptance.

We are very active in granting / arranging various forms of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) facilities for the Indian Corporate, like:

  • Arranging / Granting External Commericial Borrowings by way of Foreign Currency Loans, FRNs, Corporate Bonds etc.,
  • Arranging / Granting Buyer’s Credit and Supplier’s Credit.
  • Arranging / underwriting International Syndication Loans.

 For more details please contact

Chief Manager: Mr Avinash Guduri
Joint Manager: Ms Arulmoshi Wood
Phone: (65)6532 5944 ext 510/214/206/214
Fax: (65)6532 2852


The foreign currency loans to the Indian corporate are granted by UCO's overseas branches. The borrowings raised by the Indian corporate from specified banking sources outside India are termed "External Commercial Borrowings" (ECBs). These ECBs can be raised within the Policy guidelines of Govt. of India/Reserve Bank of India, as applicable from time to time. ECB includes the following:-

  1. i. Commercial Loans,
  2. ii. Syndicated Loans,
  3. iii. Floating/Fixed rate notes and bonds,
  4. iv. Lines of Credit from foreign banks and financial institutions,
  5. v. Import loans, loans from the export credit agencies of other countries.

UCO Bank is very active in granting and arranging various forms of ECB facilities for the Indian Corporate. UCO Bank can offer following services to the Indian corporates in respect of cross border financing :-

  1. i. Arranging / granting External Commercial Borrowings by way of Foreign Currency Loans, FRNs, Bonds for the Indian corporates.
  2. ii. Arranging / underwriting International Syndicated Loans for the Indian corporates.
  3. iii. Participating in the International Loan Syndications.
  4. iv. Granting loans backed by Export Credit Agencies.
  5. v. Providing import finance for Indian Corporates.
  6. vi. Issue of Guarantees such as Bids, Bonds, Performance, Advance Payment etc. for the overseas projects bagged by the Indian Corporates.