Forex & Treasury Services

UCO Bank in the Forex Market in Singapore as well as abroad. Our forex treasury is equipped with state of art technology and professionally skilled staff to handle forex treasury operations efficiently. UCO deals in all the important international currencies. Our Forex Treasuries generally undertake the following treasury related activities

  • Quoting Competitive rates for Forex Spot/Forward Transactions.
  • Foreign Currency Swaps.
  • Interest Rate Swaps (IRS).
  • Forward Rate Agreements (FRA).
  • Forex/Local Money Market Operations.

 For more details please contact

Dealer: Ms Balwinder Kaur/Ms Trsame Kaur
Phone: (65) 6532 4890 (DID)
Fax: (65) 6532 5044

Forex Services for Corporates

Forex Dealing Rooms in Singapore and Hong Kong and a worldwide network of correspondents add to UCO's strength in providing the best forex corporate services.Corporate Forex Services include Spot Forex Forward Booking, Cross Currency Forward etc. Other products like Collection & Negotiation of Export & Import Bills under LC, LC Issuance, Advising & Confirmation Services, Arrangement of External Commercial Borrowing (ECB), the guarantees on behalf of Indian Corporate/Projects, EEFC Accounts, Remittance etc. are all available to corporate customers from UCO.

Correspondent Banking Services

The extensive network of branches in India and presence in two important international centres enables UCO Bank to offer correspondent banking services to the banks.

UCO Bank can provide the following main services:

  • Collection of bills both Documentary and Clean.
  • Advising/confirming of L/Cs opened by banks.
  • Discounting of Bills drawn under L/Cs.
  • Maintanence of foreign currency accounts in S$ and HK$.
  • Maintanence of Rupee accounts in India.
  • Making foreign currency payments/remittance on behalf of customers of banks.

UCO's excellent service with competitive charges provide a good Correspondent Banking solution. UCO's branches are active in discounting of usance international trade bills. With foreign currency resources of overseas branches, UCO Bank offers the most competitive rates for discounting of these bills. The bills under the L/Cs of the most of the Indian Banks as well as International Banks are also discounted at competitive rates. These transactions are undertaken by them within the Bank/Country Exposure ceilings prescribed by UCO Bank.

Forex Rates

Last updated on 2022-05-20 10:00 AM
  Selling TT Buying OD Buying
Note1: Singapore Dollars to one unit of foreign currency
US DOLLARS 1.3885 1.373 1.363
Sterling Pounds 1.7395 1.7015 1.6965
Australian Dollars 0.984 0.9595 0.9545
Canadian Dollars 1.0895 1.0645 1.0595
Euro 1.4785 1.4415 1.4365
Indian Rupees 1.84 1.72 1.42
HongKong Dollars 17.85 17.35 17.25
Japanese Yen 1.0875 1.0705 1.068
Swiss Francs