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UCO Bank - Singapore Centre

UCO Bank Singapore Head Quarters

UCOBANK has international presence for over 60 years now. UCO presently has four branches in two important international financial centres in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Bank’s Singapore Operations commenced from 21.04.1951 with the opening of Singapore Main branch and subsequently our Serangoon branch was opened in “Little India” on 07.03.1959.

The international linkage from Singapore is supported by a large number of Indian branches network through Integerated Treasury Branch, Mumbai. Our other branches in India also provide international banking facilities through Authorised Branches of our bank.

This international network is further augmented by correspondent arrangements with leading Banks at all important world centres in various countries.

Thus UCO has a true global presence and can offer a variety of international banking products, services and financial solutions to all cross-section of clients, tailor-made to their banking requirements through one of the best international banking relationship networks both in terms of strength and spread.


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