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Retail Business

We Offer the following Deposit Schemes:**

  • Savings Bank Deposit Accounts in SGD currency.
  • Current Deposit Accounts in all important currencies.
  • Fixed Deposit Accounts at attractive interest rates in all major currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, AUD, GBP, CAD & SGD) with automatic rollover on maturity.
  • Call Deposit Accounts in US Dollars and in other Currencies
  • Senior Citizens – special interest rate for fixed deposits upto S$50,000/-

**Risk Disclaimer clause applicable

  1. Customers are advised that an exchange rate risk is involved in foreign currency fixed deposit schemes (whether in Singapore or India) and that
    • the earnings on fixed deposits are dependent on the exchange rates prevalent at the time of maturity of the deposits.
    • adverse exchange rate movements could erode interest earnings completely.
    • All deposits will also be subject to Local Rules in the country as prevailing from time to time.

  2. The Bank shall have no responsibility for or liability to the customers for any diminution in the value of funds due to taxes or depreciation or for the unavailability of such funds on maturity due to restrictions on convertibility, requisition, involuntary transfers, distraints of any character, exercise of governmental or military powers, war, strikes or other causes beyond the Bank’s control.

For more Details please Contact

Main Office
Joint Manager: Mr.Baldev Singh
Phone: (65) 65324014 (DID)
Fax: (65) 6532 4851
Email: retail@ucobank.com.sg

Serangoon Branch
Senior Manager: Mr Amol Mandare
Phone: (65) 6297 9841 (DID)
Fax: (65) 6297 9840
Email: ucosera@singnet.com.sg

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