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Credit Facilities

We extend various credit facilities to cater the need-based requirement of the business entities at very competitive rate:

  1. Trade Finance Facility
    • Import Finance – By way of Letter of Credit, Trust Receipt, Invoice Financing etc.,
    • Export Finance – By way of discounting of export bills etc.,
  2. Term Loan – depending upon the requirement of the customers repayable over a period of time in monthly / quarterly / half yearly instalments.
  3. Project Finance – for implementation of various projects.
  4. Loans against properties – backed by mortgage of the properties.
  5. Overdraft facilities – to meet the day-to-day requirements.
  6. Syndication Loan – participates in Syndication Loan raised by various corporate.
  7. Credit Linked Notes – participates in Credit Linked Notes issued by top class international banks.

We are very active in granting / arranging various forms of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) facilities for the Indian Corporate, like:

  • Arranging / Granting External Commericial Borrowings by way of Foreign Currency Loans, FRNs, Corporate Bonds etc.,
  • Arranging / Granting Buyer’s Credit and Supplier’s Credit.
  • Arranging / underwriting International Syndication Loans.

For more details please contact

Main Office
Senior Manager: Mr Ashok Bakka (Credit Sanctions))
Phone: (65) 6532 4849 (DID)
Fax: (65) 6557 0493
Email: credit@ucobank.com.sg

Serangoon Branch
Senior Manager: Mr.Amol Mandare
Phone: (65) 6293 8502 (DID)
Fax: (65) 6296 3925
Email: ucosera@singnet.com.sg

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